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Ray Thomas
2 April
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Appearance: Ray is short, about 5'2", and wiry. He has bright blue eyes and wild red hair that falls a little ways past his shoulders. The unruly jungle of hair would be his most notable trait if not for the engineer's cap and goggles that he wears constantly. His clothes are ragged but not falling apart, and he's covered in a healthy layer of earth. He's pretty grungy, in other words.
(PB: Justin; Grandia)

Personality: Ray is fierce! Furious! Full of fire and--okay so he's pretty energetic. The thing is, he's also a pretty angry kid and all his energy gets channeled into his anger. He's very cocky, rude, arrogant, and just generally a difficult person to deal with. He gets into stupid arguments constantly and they usually end with him shouting "Whatever!" and "You're stupid!"

He hates pity, handouts, and being patronized. He tries to pretend he's more grown up than he really is and spends his life trying to prove himself. Deep down he really misses his father and a lot of his need to prove himself comes from a desire to be somebody his father could be proud of.

History: Ray was born in Pallet Town. His mother died when he was very young and he hardly remembers her anymore; his father raised him alone after that. His father was a train engineer (running freight on the surface, not the subway) and he frequently brought Ray along to show him the trains.

Ray's father was the sort of dad a kid can really look up to. He said a lot of wise things and gave very good advice and taught valuable life lessons. Then, last year, he was killed in a tragic boating accident while out fishing with one of his friends. Ray, having been very close to his father, was devastated.

After that, Ray was left alone in the house. Thankfully it had been paid off so he kept a place to live, but obviously the bills couldn't be paid and all the utilities were shut off. He has to bathe at the nearby ocean and use candlelight to get around after dark. Whatever he needs, he steals. He hasn't been caught yet, and he's gotten pretty good at it.

Ray had considered getting a Pokémon license before, but had decided not to since he didn't really feel like leaving his father to do the whole Pokémon quest thing. Now that his father was gone, he found himself coming back to the idea over and over, wondering which starter he'd pick and if he could really be good enough to make a name for himself out there. He's finally decided to give it a try. He wants a Charmander.

Hometown: Pallet Town
Current Residence: Pallet Town
Occupation: None; Brand new Pokémon trainer
Other: He knows how to drive a train! Thanks, Dad! He also knows how to fish and a fishing rod is one of the few possessions he has decided to bring with him on this Pokémon journey.


Name: Rathilda
Type: Rattata
How long owned: Brand sparkling new!
Other: Hasn't been caught yet! Will happen IG.

Name: Pitch
Type: Pidgey
How long owned: Also brand new!
Other: Will be caught with the help of Rathilda while on the road from Pallet Town.